Tragic Disasters That Took Place In Soccer

Tragic Disasters That Took Place In Soccer

Football is one of the most loved and enjoyable sports in the world just like online casino games. Thousands and millions of people spare their time just to go to the stadiums to watch and support their favourite teams. However, the game has had its fair share of disasters that were caused by different things from nature to individuals. These disasters led to some great losses and bad memories. But well the disasters have since been reduced over the years because of some precautionary measures put in place to protect players. But even at that, the past can never be forgotten here are some of the terrible and tragic soccer disasters.

Lima National Stadium (Peru)

This disaster happens to be one of the deadliest as many people lost their lives. This incident took place during a match between Peru and Argentina. The two countries had a heated argument that turned deadly after Peru had two disallowed goals. The Peru fans started a riot that saw the death of 318 people with 500 severely injured.

Accra Stadium Disaster (Ghana)

According to sports betting USA, in a match between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko in the Accra sports stadium, police decided to fire tear gas at some unruly fans. This led to retaliation and unrest in the whole stadium. Thousands of people tried to rush out of the stadium leading to a stampede that claimed the lives of 126 people and many injuries.

Hillsborough Disaster (England)

This is one of the greatest tragedies in England that led to the death of over 96 people, including a minor who was just 10 at that time. In April 1989 there was an FA Cup match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest and fans came out in numbers to bet on soccer online on their favourite teams. Police, unfortunately, opened the gate during the match and it allowed many fans that were waiting outside to enter the stadium in a rush. Many Liverpool fans were crushes and 776 were injured. Among the 96 that died was Steven Gerrard’s cousin who was the youngest victim of the disaster.

To this very day, “The Hillsborough 96 Never Forgotten” is still commemorated in the English Premier League.