The Greatest Premier League Title Race of All Time

The Greatest Premier League Title Race of All Time

The Premier League has witnessed some amazing field battles and stiff competition from different angles. From relegation battle, mid-table battles and championship title race all that makes the competition be more interesting and spellbound. But what makes it more relevant is the league title race. Every time the fans are always eager and aspire to see their team competing at the top level.

The Premier League has been the most followed league in the world just like online casino in the gambling space. You can learn more about casinos at For that reason, the former has witnessed some exciting title races from top-flight teams in the league.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the title races that will always go down in the history of the Premier League.

Arsenal vs Manchester United

In his first season in charge of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger managed to lead Arsenal to their earliest Premier League trophy. The Arsenal side managed to halt Manchester United from scooping a hat-trick of Premier League titles.

At that time, title chances for Arsenal were looking very much unlikely, as United were sitting comfortably at the top of the table, with Arsenal struggling at sixth.
Nevertheless, an astonishing run of 45 points out 51 during the Christmas period, along with 10 straight wins made Arsenal claim the title with two games to go.

Chelsea vs Manchester United

Manchester United ventured into this season having won three Premier League titles. However, the following season it ended up being Manchester United and Chelsea battling it out for the title until the final day of the league. Did you know you can place bets at some online casinos in France, also known as casino en ligne en France?

The final games for the two teams were expected to swing the balance of the title, but at the end of the day it was Chelsea that came out to be the victor. At the same time, Arsenal was also in the title race but they fall short with 6 points behind from their London rivals.