The Greatest Comeback Moments in Sports History


It is not a jolly moment when you see your favorite sports team falling behind. However, one of the most fascinating moments is when your team strives hard to salvage a comeback. Comebacks are not very common, and sometimes when they do happen, it means your team has brilliantly pulled out quite a show. Unbelievable sports comebacks are always memorable and exciting.

Therefore, there are major sports comebacks ever witnessed in the world of sports. However, let us try to take you back to those good old days where at some point you could not even believe it that your team will win. And for sports betting fans, such a moment would have come with some people celebrating money.

Boston Celtics (NBA Finals, 2008)

After witnessing LA Lakers pulling out to a 35-14 lead against their rivals Boston Celtics. Jack Nicholson and the Lakers fans all over the world were very optimistic about their lead. However, at the end of it all, the Celtics salvaged the last laugh utilizing a 21-3 run to finish the third quarter. The quarter contained a bulk of points that propelled the greatest comeback.

Boston carried that momentum into the fourth quarter scooping a 3-1 win series and went on to win the NBA title.

Paul Lawrie (British Open, 1999)

Lawrie pulled one of the biggest comebacks in the PGA tour history when his opponent Van de Veldt let the victory slip out of his hands. The latter did the unimaginable on the 18th hole. The blunder led Lawrie to utilize the moment and record one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

Germany National Team (World Cup Final, 1954)

Soccer and sports book online followers all over the world know very well that scoring goals is not a piece of cake. Therefore, you have to bulldoze yourself to make sure you get the better of your opponent. Germany and Hungary World Cup final of 1954 will always be remembered. The Hungary side took a 1-0 lead in just 8 minutes. However, Germany managed to level the scoreline before halftime.

“Germany never surrenders” mantra seemed to have paid off after they got the second goal in the late stage of the game to go on and win the World Cup. The victory is known as the Miracle of Bern.