The Best Goal scoring Midfielders in Premier League History

The Best Goal scoring Midfielders in Premier League History

Goal-scoring is an art that is not only mastered by a striker in a football pitch. Rather scoring goals is always about having the ability to have an eye for a goal. Actually, is about having the right instincts and having the vein running through your eyes to score the goal. Having the best ability to be in the right position at the right time also makes you score goals just like when you scoring points at sites such as crazyvegas online casino while playing casino games.

But all these are some of the things that are expected from the striker. But how about a midfielder? Well there have been some best goal scoring midfielders who have shown that it is possible for a midfielder to have more goals than the striker.

Paul Scholes (107 goals)

Paul Scholes will always be one of the greatest Premier League players of all time. Scholes will simply be remembered for some of his scintillating and power shots. Even though Paul Scholes faced a lot of discipline, bagging 97 yellow cards and 32 in the Champions League.

Overlooking all that, he had a rare talent of scoring goals. Paul Scholes is on the top four of midfielders who have the most goals in the Premier League. Maybe trying high payout casino games at won’t be a bad idea to supplement your sports betting income.

Ryan Giggs (109 goals)

We still have some fresh memories of the Welshman at Manchester United. The Red Devils maestro had not only the ability to steady the midfield. But he had the real eye to score goals. He did not score ordinary goals, rather stunning ones that you will love to repeat many times.

The goal he scored against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final replay will always be the most iconic goal that is still fresh in our minds. He was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s wonder kids. He will always go down as one of the best midfielders of all time.