Sports stars who bet big in the casino

Sports stars who bet big in the casino

Footballers, boxers and basketball players rank amongst the highest-earning sports stars on the planet, according to the Forbes List of Top-Paid Athletes 2019. When you combine salary, winnings and endorsements, some pull in over $100 million per year. So it’s hardly surprising many are big gamblers. Because when you’ve got money to burn and an athlete’s super-competitive spirit, there’s no better place to be than the casino.

Floyd Mayweather certainly agrees. After setting the longest winning streak in a professional boxing career at 50-0, the retired boxer turned his attention to the blackjack table. It’s reported he now stakes over $100,000 per hand on an average visit to the casino, hence his ‘Money’ nickname amongst casino bosses in his Las Vegas hometown.

Ex-Man United striker Wayne Rooney also enjoys splashing the cash in the casino. In 2017, he was spotted in a Manchester casino after a two-hour gambling spree, during which he squandered half-a-million pounds on blackjack and roulette.

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