Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win Super Cup

Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win Super Cup

Liverpool won the European Super Cup for the fourth time after defeating Chelsea. The anticipated match was held at Istanbul, and goalkeeper Adrian was the man of the game. After 90 minutes and extra time of exhilarating performance from each of the teams, the score was 2-2. However, it was the penalty shots that allowed Liverpool to lift the Super Cup. Adrian was able to stop Tammy Abraham from scoring a goal which led the legion of Red fans into celebratory mode.

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Chelsea was leading in the first half after Olivier Giroud scored the primary goal. However, it was Sadio Mane who stole the show by scoring two goals. But Chelsea could not let it be, and Jorghino’s purpose-led the match into a penalty shoot-out. The Reds won the title for the fourth time in a row with a score of 5-4. This is the second win for Liverpool led by boss Jurgen Klopp after they won the Champions League by defeating Tottenham Hotspurs.

Man of the match.

If Abraham’s did not score a bit too close to Adrian, maybe this would be a whole different story. In the previous matches that Liverpool and Chelsea have met it has been a tight race between the two. It seems Klopps’s decision to sign Adrian was the best idea for his team. The 32-year-old goalkeeper was released by West Ham about two weeks ago. Adrian’s move to the Reds came after Simon Mignolet’ was signed at Club Brugge. Adrian was the first choice for a goalkeeper after Alisson injured his calf during their 4-1 match against Norwich. Although he started a bit rusty and he looked nervous he got to win the confidence of Liverpool’s fans after he saved the penalty from Abraham. This is a good sign that he will be able to be the number two goalkeeper and cover Alisson.

What’s happening with Chelsea?

The Blues have started in a bad state after facing two defeats; Manchester United and Liverpool. Chelsea lost to ManU 4-0. The team which is currently under Frank Lampard might have started on the wrong foot, but things are bound to look up after their last game. Lampard’s tactic to forego the young team with the Reds built up the confidence of fans. They were able to score during the first half, thus showcasing they still have the skills and the quality of play. N’Golo Kante, Giroud and Christian Pulisc were the best players for the Blues in the pitch. However, the young team that played against Manchester United still showcased some beam of hope. If Lampard can be able to combine the skill of the older team with the energy of the youth team, Chelsea will be heading in the right direction.