LeBron James Joins Kobe Bryant in the 33, 000 Points Club

LeBron James Joins Kobe Bryant in the 33

If you have been doubting to include LeBron James amongst the G.O.A.T players then surely this is the right time to consider your perspective. LeBron James has been a very prolific NBA player throughout his NBA career. And the lad is doing bigger things to keep the NBA fans at the edge of their seats.

As if that not enough, he is now part of the 33,000 points club. King James has become the 4th player to play in the NBA and manage to surpass the 33,000 career points. According to online pokies Australia blog, the star completed the 33,000 points with a contested three-pointer in the crunch time during the fourth quarter.

The King’s In Good Company

King James is now amongst the legends of the NBA and it is safe to say he is now of the best and well-decorated NBA player. The King is now ahead of Michael Jordan (fifth) and he is now chasing three of the greatest to fasten them up in NBA.

Moreover, James is already a three-time champion, three-time NBA Finals MVP, four-time league MVP, 15-time All-NBA selection, six-time All-Defensive selection as well as 15-time All-Star. It is now clear that LeBron James is now left with a little to achieve in his career. Meaning that the prolific NBA player has achieved almost everything that any player would aim to achieve.

But what’s most surprising is that rather than winding through the legendary career lane. LeBron is also focused on getting better. Some would start to think that this is the right time for him to throw in the towel. But well that’s not the case. The King is aiming to continue on the realm and achieve much more.

Back in the days, King James was actually not known for 3-point shooting. This season the King has been stamping authority hitting 35% from 3-point range.
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