Great nicknames in NFL from the 60s

Great nicknames in NFL from the 60s

Most sporting teams end up as a family where they get to observe each other’s traits. They spend most of the time together which gives the leeway to give each other nicknames based on their personalities. The American football league, National football league is not an exception to coming up with nicknames that have become famous across the globe.

Top great nicknames in NFL history

If you were a great player it’s either your fellow players come up with a nickname best befitting or even your fans. As for Mike Ditka, former headshot American professional football player got the most interesting ones. Mike coached Chicago Bears for 11 years and New Orleans Saints for 3 years. He is the only one in modern model history to win the championship of coach and player with the same team. So much, for the great name, Ditka got many nicknames because of his witty character, he is known as the ‘Iron Mike’, ‘The Hammer’ and ‘DA Coach’. We wonder what nicknames we would give to internet betting games. Other than the most obvious, real money sports bet odds.

Great nicknames for great players

Another great name to note is Kurt Warner, this one played for 3 NFL teams, St Louis. Rams, the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. He is a 2-time NFL MVP Award winner and Super Bowl MVP Award winner in Super Bowl XXXIV with Rams. He got the nickname ‘Chachi’ for the show ‘Happy Days’ during his brief stint with the Great Bay Packers.

A nickname for talking too much

As for Ron Jaworski, he got his nicknames for his excellence and for being the most talkative. Jaworski is a former quarterback who played for Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, and the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Ron got his first nickname from Doug Collins, Philadelphia 76ers former player and coach, ‘Jaws’ this was as he was always talkative. He was nicknamed ‘The Polish Rifle’ or ‘The Polish Cannon’ for regularly giving firing passes in his early days. For one to get a nickname or nicknames he would have been a remarkable force in any field.