Best Manchester United Players of All Time

Best Manchester United Players of All Time

Manchester United football is one of the best soccer clubs of all time. The club was formed in 1878 and has been competing in matches since that time. Over the years the football that the club has been around there have been some extraordinary players, some of which we will look at below.

Best Manchester United Players

Ryan Giggs

It would be hard to mention the best Manchester United players of all time and not mention Ryan Giggs. He started his carer in the club as a flying winger and then moved to be a midfielder.

Over his time in the club, Giggs managed to win 13 premier league titles, 4 FA cups and 2 Champion league titles.

This is one outstanding record. And we are sure that as you spin online casino slots at with the Manchester United theme you will come across a few Ryan Giggs symbols.

George Best

George Best is also one of the best Man United players of the time. In the club, he took on the role of being a winger.

He was an amazing player who had at least 500 appearances. His charisma was like that no other and we are sure that many players wish to be like him one day.

Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton falls into the same league as Red Devi legends Sir Alex and Sir Matt. In his 17 years at Manchester United, he was dedicated as well as devoted. He managed to win 3 league titles and the European Cup. You can also be a winner like Bobby by trying soccer themed slots at besten online casino spiele.

He is a player that many look to and aspire to be like one day. But it seems like he was made from a different kind of fabric, one that they don’t seem to be making much of these days. These are but a few of the best players who have graced the pitch as Manchester United players. The list of the Red Devils greats is one that is endless, as is normal for a team that has been operational for over a century.