Best Female Soccer Players Of All Time

Best Female Soccer Players Of All Time

Most times when people talk of soccer, it is always about the popular male soccer players. People forget that there are a lot of great female soccer players who has legacies that still live on even up to this date. These women are proof that nothing is impossible as they have set great standards even for those that are following. We are going to talk about the best female soccer players of all time.

Marta (Brazil)

Brazil is known in the soccer world because of Pele one of the greatest players of all time and even some online casino sites have sports-themed slots based on him. This country gave the best male player as well as the female player, Marta Vieira. This woman is also known as the Pele in skirts due to her talent and skill in soccer. Marta has won the FIFA female world player five times in a row. From 2006 to 2010. She has also won the golden boot and the golden ball among other things. She has also won many medals in the Olympics making her one of the greatest players from Brazil.

Mia Hamm

Even in retirement, Mia is known as one of the best soccer female players from the USA. She is known for her pace and skill in soccer which earned her a world record 158 international goals when she retired in 2004. Although she was a forward, she would also play as a midfielder and also as a defender. She won the FIFA women’s World Cup title twice during the first two years of the award which is during 2001 and 2002.

Mitchell Akers

According to a sports article by, Mitchell left a legacy in two positions as a striker and as a defensive midfielder. During her younger days before getting ill, Akers was a lethal striker. She was tall therefore she could outrun defenders with her long strides. She also had an amazing speed which could not be matched. She is a winner as she won the Women’s World Cup final in 1991 among other things. After getting ill in 1994, Akers came back as a defensive midfielder a position that she was also great at. She retired just before the 2000 Sydney Olympics. But still she had made a great name for herself not only in the USA but in the world at large.