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Chelsea hold Juve to move into last eight
Once upon a time the Champions League was called the “jinxed cup” and if there was a night when this statement was proven true was today. Juve eliminated not withstanding a great match overflowing with determination and good will. Juventus leave the competition with the applauses of the public.

The first half is a hyperbole in itself. Juventus start off really well and look really determined. On the first minute a good cross by Molinaro into the area sees Trezeguet heading high. Two minutes later a good Nedved run who tries a first time to shoot, keeps the ball and is then fouled with the referee saying to play on. The day will not be a lucky one for the Czech fury.

On the 4th minute a corner for Juve after a good Grygera run sees the cross being deviated. One minute later a ball into the area is headed by Chiellini but the defence clears. On the 6th minute another corner for Juve after a good pass to Nedved by Molinaro is deviated. Two minutes later Nedved wins a good ball and is fouled. The foul will cost Nedved having to be substituted by Salihamidzic.

The 12th minute sees a good long ball by Del Piero towards Trezeguet but the defence anticipates. One minute later a ball into the Juve area is easily gathered by Buffon and seconds after a Chiellini mistake sees Ballack taking advantage but the ball goes wide.

Juventus build up the pressure and on the 18th minute a dangerous cross into the Chelsea area sees Cech in difficulty but the strikers are not close enough. One minute later Juve get the goal they want: great ball to Iaquinta to Trezeguet who enters the area and shoots depositing at the back of Cech for the opener.

The 21st minute sees Del Piero with a great shot from outside the area forcing Cech to a difficult save into corner. One minute later the ball from the flag into the area with the keeper puching away. From the rebound Molinaro puts the ball back into the area and Cech clears badly but none of the strikers manages to head home.

On the 25th minute Del Piero controls a good ball crosses to Brazzo who crosses into the area for Trezeguet but the Frenchman is anticipated. One minute later there is a free-kick for Juve from 38 meters. Del Piero tries a direct hit but Cech saves easily. On the 35th minute there is a good ball into the Chelsea area but Cech anticipates.

The 44th minute sees the referee awarding a free-kick toChelsea for an inexistent Tiago handsball: Buffon saves brilliantly on a powerful Drogba shot set to enter. One minute later Lampard shoots from outside the area, the shot is deviated, the ball hits the post and then Essien pushes it in for the equlaiser. At this point Juve need to score twice more to go through.

The second half starts off with Juventus once again showing determination. On the first minute Iaquinta is off-side as he receives the ball in the area. Two minutes later there is a free-kick for Juve : Del Piero puts the ball into the area but the defence clears. On the 4th minute the ball is put into the area for Iaquinta but Terry covers well.

On the 5th minute there is a free-kick for Chelsea: Buffon punches away. Three minutes later yet another free-kick against Juve but Buffon cradles the ball. On the 13th minute there is a ball into the Cheslea area but it goes wide and there is nobody to receive. The 15th minute a good cross into the area withobody managing to stop. The ball however is once again crossed with Del Piero who heads but Cech gathers. Giovinco comes on for a good Iaquinta. The fresh pair of legs leave their effect and on the 17th minute Giovinco crosses into the area, the ball is deviated, and Cech is shown the yellow card for handling the ball from outside the area. Del Piero from the free-kick crosses into the area, Giovinco shoots but the ball goes high.

On the 19th minute the ball is put into the Chelsea area, Trezeguet heads and Cech saves with difficulty. Three minutes later there is a free-kick for Juve: Giovinco puts a good ball into the area, Del Piero misses by inches and Cech gathers. The 25th minute brings bad news as Chiellini is sent-off for a second yellow card. One minute later there is a free-kick for Juve: ball into the area by Del Piero, the ball is handed in the area and the referee gives the penalty. Del Piero from the 11 meters sends the ball to one side and Cech to the other: 2-1.

Juventus get back into the game and must now score a third. On the 31st minute Giovinco crosses after a good run but the defence clears. Seconds later Giovinco tries a shot upon entering the area but the defence deviates to a corner. Two minutes later Amauri comes on for Trezeguet. On the 37th minute Juve receive the fatal blow: bBall into the Juve area with Drogba ready to slide it in for the 2-2.

Juve realize that it’s practically over and on the 40th minute the ball is put into the area with Cech ready to save. On the 42nd minute there is a free-kick for Juve for a foul on Giovinco. The referee awards a goal-kick even though there was a deviation. In the second minute out of four of stoppage time Belletti misses a sitter in front of Buffon who deviates into corner. It’s over: luck had it’s toll on Juve once again.

Champions League, Final 16 – 2nd leg
Turin, Stadio Olimpico
Tuesday 10th March 2009


Goals: Iaquinta (19th), Essien (46th), Del Piero (pen. 73rd), Drogba (83rd),

JUVENTUS: Buffon; Grygera, Mellberg, Chiellini, Molinaro; Nedved (Salihamidzic 14th), Marchisio, Tiago, , Del Piero, Iaquinta (Giovinco 60th), Trezeguet (Amauri 78th). Reserves: Manninger, Zebina, Ariaudo, Salihamidzic, Poulsen, Giovinco, Amauri. Coach: Ranieri.

CHELSEA: Cech; Cole, Alex (Carvalho 88th), Bosingwa , Terry; Mikel, Lampard, Ballack; Essien (Belletti 65th); Drogba, Anelka. Reserves: Hilario, Carvalho, Kalou, Mancienne, Malouda, Belletti, Deco. Coach: Hiddink.

Referee: Mallenco

Yellow Cards: Salihamidzic (46th), Chiellini (53rd), Cech (62nd), Drogba (69th), Chiellini (70th), Cole (87th), Anelka (91st), Lampard (91st),

Red card: Chiellini (70th)
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