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Mou: Italy doesn't respect me
With four days to go until the Champions League final, the Neroazzurro boss wasn't hiding the fact that his future won't be with Inter: "I am not the Real coach, but it's a question of personal satisfaction and feeling respected or not. I will need to think about it." Meanwhile Balotelli seemed to be injured but it was a false alarm: it turned out to be just muscle fatigue.

"It's not about my contract or money, it actually makes me a little ashamed to earn what I do with the crisis there is. It's a problem of personal satisfaction, to feel respected or not in a footballing country in which I have had so many problems." José Mourinho struggles to stay on the subject of the Champions League or the final against Bayern. He talked about his future and, albeit insisting that no decisions had been taken yet, he didn't reassure the fans waiting outside the training ground much either. One managed to get into the training session and shout "Mourinho, don't leave us." Mourinho replied with a wave, then didn't mince his words at the press conference later: "I won't change what I said a few days ago" he added. "It's not true that I am the Real coach. After the final, I want a few days to think in peace about my future. Obviously Inter couldn't do anything more to make me happy or feel important: the players are fantastic, we have a good feeling with the fans, everyone at the club is fantastic."

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? — "What happens on Saturday doesn't count, it won't change my belief that I did everything I could. Inter doesn't owe me anything and I don't owe Inter anything, because I gave it my all. I'm calm, the score won't change what I choose to do in the future. Who will take my place? The club chose me and they made a good choice. When they need to choose again, they'll make the right choice. I'll think about my future after the final. I need to think about it, as I haven't yet. For now, I'm the Inter coach. My contract runs until 2012 or 2013, I can't really remember. I don't want to give you an identikit, because it could even turn out to be me..." But then he continued: "The human side of the players really helps a coach to do a good job. The players in this team made me a better coach and they'll do the same with another one."

VOLCANO — Mourinho then replied to the comments of Van Gaal, Bayern coach, with a jab about worries over the referee: "The referee doesn't worry me, I'm more worried about the volcano Gudjhonsen (ed: former Icelandic player) who will force us to change our plans. I would have preferred to prepare here but better not risk the vulcano with the unpronounceable name. As for referee favours, the Italians still remember when Bayern played Fiorentina in the same way that the English haven't forgotten Rafael's red card. Am I a defensive tactician? We played two fantastic games, the one in London and the one against Barcelona, where we attacked continuously. On the return leg we bloccaded the goal because we were one man down and because we had destroyed them at home. What's more, I've always played with the same team. When he was at Lyon, Van Gaal replaced Olic with Tymoshuk when Ribery was sent off.

JUBILATION — Staying on the criticisms the Dutch coach made of Mourinho's jubilation in Barcelona: "When Iniesta scored against Chelsea last year, he was running around like a mad man. Why can't I do it? So Van Gaal says he wouldn't have celebrated like me? Well he couldn't anyway, he's too slow. I run fast. I celebrate with our fans, not to stir up trouble." Whatever, his words weren't intended as an attack on the Dutch coach. Anything but, Mourinho remembers when they used to work together. "He's a fantastic person, he was very honest with me, we worked together for three years and I only have good things to say about him. Do we get on now? Well he has his life, I have mine, every now and then we text or speak on the phone. I worked with him from 97 to 2000, I can't claim to know how he coaches nowadays. He has come a long way since then and he'll have changed as a coach by now. He only knew me as assistant, not as chief coach and since then I have come a long way too, people change. He is a hard worker and his staff work hard too."

SECRETS AND BALOTELLI — Journalists then tried to push Mourinho for some inside info on how to become such a successful coach, but Mourinho made a joke of it, replying: "I pray a lot. But I also think it's because I work hard and well. I believe I am a good leader with the players in the way that I interact with them. Everyone feels part of the group at Inter, even the kitchen staff. I am a good person, I am a Catholic and sometimes God helps me." In the meantime, the situation became clearer about Balotelli's injury, who cut short training this morning with a hand on his left thigh. He reappeared later looking better, sitting one of those golf course type buggies: it turned out to be just muscle fatigue.
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