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Mourinho: We'll play to win against Chelsea
The Portuguese boss spoke to the media on the eve of their Champions League match against Chelsea and kissed the Inter logo on his jacket. He also commented on the match: "We will not be more defensive than usual." About the referees: "Here is a challenge: find me an Italian referee who can say I have insulted him." About the line-up: "I must decide where to play Zanetti and I'm not certain whether or not Julio Cesar will be able to play." He also let the media know he had been close to sitting on the English national side's bench

It's one day after the big blow and one day before the first leg match against Chelsea in the Round of 16 of the Champions League. José Mourinho did not comment on the season—he only answered questions about the Blues. "This is not the right press conference to talk about what happened in the Italian league. This is to talk only about the Champions League and UEFA. I do it because I must do it, because I'm not disqualified and because I can talk about Inter-Chelsea." Then, when asked about the referees, he replied: "I want to know who would be the first Italian referee that can say he’s been insulted by José Mourinho. Here is a challenge: find me a referee who can say I've insulted him." When asked about the atmosphere at Inter, Mourinho resorted to meteorology: "We played in the snow, rain and sun. It won't be too cold now and the pitch is in good condition. The stadium will be full; I anticipate having a great match and a great atmosphere."

Zanetti and Julio Cesar — Santon has not been called and Zanetti could move back to the defensive line: "Zanetti brings much intensity in midfield, which is typical of British teams. He could be key for us in the battle in midfield. However, I have the choice of leaving Javier in midfield and playing Cordoba as a left back or moving Javier back and finding another player for the midfield." His other doubt is related to Julio Cesar's condition: "I'm not sure and I don't know how he'll feel tomorrow. Maybe he'll wake up with his eyes closed and he won't be able to see the ball. Our bodies can show strange reactions to a car accident, even one day later."

Terry, Lampard, the National side and Drogba — "Terry and Lampard are improving every week and never get tired of playing well. They say I have contributed to their improvement and although I appreciate that, I think they built on their strength by practising day in and day out and by relying on their strong mentality and will to improve. They get better with time just like Port wine." Mourinho also commented on Capello's decision of taking Terry's armband away: "I'm not England's manager—even if I could have been, although at the end I decided I didn't want to. I was very proud of being offered the position, but I knew it wasn't the right job for me. I like the everyday work." One of the players who have remained closest to him since his time with the Blues is Drogba: "The best thing that can happen to a football manager is to have his players' and fans' passion and respect. That's what happens to me every time, at Porto, at Chelsea and at Inter, which makes me proud. I'm happy that Drogba thinks fondly of me, but I also know he'll do his best for his squad tomorrow. I will be happy to see him do that."

Chelsea — "The round against Chelsea is a 180-minute fight, perhaps 30 more minutes than that. The first match is always important, but there is no doubt that the second one will be even more critical —after the first leg match, you hardly ever know that you'll move onto the next round, but after the second match, it's crystal clear." Chelsea shouldn't have any secrets for him: "I know Chelsea well, but this doesn't mean that it will be any easier. Sometimes that makes things harder because if you can't filter the information you got and you must share with your players, you may end up having problems. During my first year with Chelsea I played against Porto and it wasn't easy. Also, Ancelotti knows Inter and Milan well." Mourinho is not anticipating any major tactical surprises: "I have seen Chelsea in action with two formations, a diamond 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 system, two systems they've been using since 2004 and I don't think they'll make changes at the last minute to surprise us, especially in such an important match. They are strong with this formation and it suits the players' skills; I anticipate they are going to choose one of these two modules and I would be really surprised if they played any differently."

Ancelotti and the clan — When asked about a comment by Ancelotti (that was denied later on) Mourinho replied with a possible and mysterious clan remark: "If Ancelotti says that the entire Italian territory will be against me it must be because he is certain about it—perhaps someone told him or maybe he's part of a clan. I just do my job. I'm here to play a football match, which is one of the things I've always liked the most in life since I was a child —nothing more." There is no clear favourite in this match: "Both teams are great outfits and it's difficult to say who the favourite squad may be. Chelsea never go onto the pitch with the intention of drawing and neither do Inter. I anticipate it will be exciting, nice to watch if possible, although at times a match between two giants is not a great show to watch. I will be disappointed if tomorrow's match is not a good one. Inter will not be more defensive than usual tomorrow and will not be more closed than usual because our opponents are a tough team."

The title and the kiss — A reporter pointed out that he didn't have the logo of the Italian title on his jacket by which Mourinho seemed honestly surprised: "Someone must have stolen it, but Inter's logo is there and that's the most important one. I will do something that I've never done before— I will kiss it." After which, the Portuguese boss kissed the team logo to the delight of Inter fans...

Lucio — Lucio also attended the press conference: "It's always exciting to play a match like this one against a team like Chelsea. We always play to win but at present we are happy we can play such an important match. Sampdoria? We are talking about the Champions League and we are only focusing on tomorrow's match. Being on probation will not affect our defenders; we'll just need to pay a bit more attention but we'll be as determined as usual." The defender also commented on Drogba: "I have studied his moves just like we do with all our opponents. We also have brilliant players."
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