5 Year Red Card for French Player

5 Year Red Card for French Player

We all have to admit that a lot happens in the soccer field. However, never in the history of soccer has a player been banned for 5 years. This causes viewers to wonder what would have happened for a player to be banned for 5 years. If you are curious, then read on.

Soccer Player Gets 5 Year Ban

One would think to receive a 5-year ban would have done worse on the field. Well, for this incident, it had nothing to with the soccer field, as it happened off the field.

According a blog about soccer at www.southafricancasinosites.com, the incident happened after an amateur soccer friendly between SC Treville and AS Soetrich. There was a dispute in the locker that spilled over to the parking lot.

When a Treville player tried to break up the fight, a Soetrich player bit the mans’ private part.

So, What Happened Next?

The victim then had to receive 12 stitches and was side-lined for at least 4 days. However, the Soetrich played was banned from playing for 5 good years. The Terville player on top of the 12 stiches on the private part also got disciplined for acts of brutality. Though it not clear what these acts of brutality were.

Was the 5-Year Ban Necessary?

There has been a dispute as to whether the 5-year ban was really necessary. However, the local Moselle district explained that the case was a bit serious and had to be taken over by a magistrate.

It is very rare to find soccer bans that span over several years, the district director explained. However, for such a ruling, there must have been more than just tension.

And the Players…?

None of the players was named. However, Terville was fined 200 Euros and two points were deducted from them.

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