The enjoyment of in-play betting live sport

In-play betting on live sport changes the whole focus of traditional sport gambling. As different incidents occur throughout the match, say, a red card or a goal, odds on the various markets will change in order to reflect this. This gives the punter the opportunity to bet on something to happen based on the forgone events and how the match is panning out.
The enjoyment of in-play betting stems from the fact that customers can watch their chosen sporting event and not be forced to bet on the game before it has kicked off. A striker in a football match could be performing well and looking the most likely player to score and in-play betting would give the punter the option to bet on that striker scoring next. Another example in football could be a match heading into the last ten minutes with a team 1-0 up and under immense pressure from their rivals. In-play betting would allow the customer to then bet money on the rivals winning and the odds would probably be fairly good because of the amount of time remaining and the fact that two goals are still needed. In-play betting also offers a social element to betting where friends can also get involved and the most likely goalscorer/red card etc can be discussed whilst watching the game together. The whole idea of in-play betting is based around the customer’s opinion of the game taking place – who is the most dangerous player? Who is looking like they’re going to get sent off? Are this team going to come back and win? These are all questions that can be answered during the game, allowing the punter to decide what is most likely to happen and bet on that outcome, as the game goes on. There are also many free bets to enjoy on a variety of in-play betting markets. Some may say that betting on these markets can be as unpredictable as playing pokies at sites such as
Another great benefit of in-play betting is that is allows you to hedge your position on bets placed either before the match, or at the start of a season/tournament. By doing so, you can guarantee yourself a profit whatever the outcome. This strategy is becoming more and more popular as gamblers become more advanced with their betting, and start to adopt principles from financial trading and risk management.