How to save money by watching live sport online instead of on pay-TV channels

It’s a question that sports fans across the world ask every year. How can I watch the football/rugby/tennis without opting into an expensive contract that will cost a ton every month? Well, there’s a few ways to get around it. Firstly – pubs. Pretty much every pub nowadays has Sky Sports or BT Sport installed so they can drum people in when the match is on. Obviously this has its benefits; you can head down there with your friends, buy food and drink and watch the match there. But there are also some pitfalls: you don’t really want to go down there on your own, you need to spend money to sit in there usually and for a big game it will get rammed.
Option 2: Most broadcasters offer day passes that you can purchase on the day you want to watch the football. This is fairly expensive, however. Sky Sports offer 24 hours of their channels for £9.99 which is fairly expensive for one day of sport. But it does ensure that you’ll be able to watch when you need to.
Option 3: If you are partial to a flutter at the bookies they normally show the sport in their shop. Or, if you prefer to do so online, some bookmakers actually offer live streaming on the internet, but the choice is normally limited.
There is also the chance of finding a stream online. Usually you can search on twitter and find one and the quality is surprisingly good.
These are just a few of the ways to save money on watching live sport, and with the money you’ve saved yourself we suggest saving up for a big screen TV to enjoy watching the next free broadcast game on a great picture. If saving up sounds too hard, or you already have a big TV, why not get reckless and play fruit machines at a site like