How does the thrill of watching live sport compare playing online pokies

(pokies are Australian slang for slot machines)

The online pokies seem to be a very individual form of gambling in which, unless you go out to find a proper machine, you can sit at home and play on the internet. Obviously sitting in front of a computer isn’t the most social experience but watching live sport gives you that exact opportunity. You can meet with friends before you gamble, discuss various tips, go to the live events like horse racing and football matches rather than watching them on TV. While no gambling is predictable with pokies you know what’s going to happen – in simplest terms it is a slot machine - but with live sport it’s entirely dependable on certain players or jockeys during their matches or races. Live sport betting is arguably the biggest market for bookmakers as many people enjoy the thrill and adding an edge to a sporting event by putting some money on, in a similar way to those people who enjoy gambling on pokies at Pokies Palace.
Whilst the problems with pokies have been well-documented by the Australian press, there is no doubt that their popularity is set to continue to rise. The problems associated with pokies are nowhere near the levels of those associated with other highly taxable government products such as alcohol and smoking.
With such popularity in Australia, it is no surprise that there are numerous guides popping up all over the internet, helping players make sense of the hundreds of online casinos out there offering a variety of pokie games. The latest craze is playing pokies on mobile devices, and to find the best places to enjoy a spin on your smartphone, we suggest which is one of the better independent sites out there.